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I have a microbiological issue, how can I solve it?

Bacteria is the most problematic component in cereals, pulses and seeds, especially if they are whole and organic.
A high bacterial load in a semi-finished product has repercussions both in terms of a reduction in the quality and palatability of the product, and in the shortening of shelf-life, due to the generation of off flavours, the signs of oxidation, and bacterial or fungal proliferation. This negatively impacts consumer opinions, disregarding their expectations and placing the brand name at risk, particularly in the event of a product recall.

The process of eliminating the total and specific bacterial load requires a special dry heat treatment, with finely-tuned time/temperature ratios for each raw material or semi-finished product, so as not to change its colour but, if anything, to add a bit of additional fragrance.

CerealVeneta’s temperature-based processes make one or two log reduction of the bacterial load possible, simultaneously reducing the stress on the nutritional components, oxidation, and the formation of acrylamide, and preventing the loss of nutrients and flavour/aroma.

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