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Thanks to the experience we have gained over the years and to the close relationship we have developed with our customers, CerealVeneta can now develop a new project in both push (proposing new internally developed semi-finished products) and pull (i.e. supporting customers in the development of new projects) modes.

The development of a new product based on the philosophy of absolute quality is not composed solely of the technical and technological part of the semi-finished product, but also the way in which we follow the customer’s request every step of the way, reducing response times and offering companies an effective and professional consultancy service.


The customer request is analysed in every part, taking into consideration a number of important elements, such as the type of raw material required and the final application of the finished product. Based on this information, we can identify the process parameters and characteristics of the product needed to create the requested semi-finished product.


After understanding the customer’s need, we develop potential semi-finished product proposals, conducting tests in our pilot plants and our internal laboratory where we conduct studies on the final application, on the leavening of bakery products, pasta-making tests and drying of pellets and pasta, colorimetric and sensory analyses of the finished products, accelerated shelf-life testing and technological verification test on the thickening and structuring properties of the semi-finished products we develop. These technological analytical tests are designed to help and support our customers in formulating their recipes and in production performance.


CerealVeneta’s R&D department constantly monitors the development and production of new semi-finished products, with four professionals (a laboratory analyst, a food technologist and a biologist, coordinated by Dr. Livio Fior, founder of CerealVeneta and R&D director, with years of experience in the field), who oversee requests from sales personnel for the development of new projects. This group interfaces in real time with the customer to evaluate possible variations and improvements, also providing information on the tests carried out.


Once the semi-finished product has been defined and customised in every way, it passes to industrial production.

Our high-tech plants are constantly renewed and improved, adapting to the production of different types of semi-finished product and to flexible production, so we can produce the products developed in the laboratory on a large scale.

CerealVeneta can offer the support you need to develop a totally new product