The company is moving toward absolute quality.

This corporate philosophy permeates all activities related to the control and quality assurance system: i.e. laboratory analysis, product traceability and company certifications.

“There is nothing the same in nature or in CerealVeneta, but only similar products and operating situations.”

Livio Fior e Vanna Daminato – Founders of CerealVeneta

Laboratory analysis

In 2018, CerealVeneta invested 3% of its turnover in chemical-physical analyses of raw materials and semi-finished products, using accredited external laboratories and promoting the systematic implementation of on-site laboratory tests in its own quality department.

The analyses performed internally include:

  • Allergens: gluten, soy;
  • Mycotoxins: aflatoxins, DON, fumonisins, ochratoxin, zearalenone;
  • Rheological analysis: Bostwick, viscosity;
  • Chemical-physical analysis: moisture, purity, seediness, particle size, colour, pH, temperature;
  • Anti-nutritional factors: saponins;

In 2019, the company expanded in-house analyses, adding:

  • Rheological analysis: water absorption, density
  • Chemical-physical analysis: Accelerated Shelf-Life Testing (ASLT), water activity

For a total number of 22 internal analysis.

This allows the company to focus on monitoring critical parameters of raw materials and to directly and quickly monitor gluten and soy values, in order to obtain a result that allows the rapid blocking/unblocking of raw materials to be processed and semi-finished products to be shipped.


In the same way, the speed of analytical results is paired with a specific management system (ERP) module designed in house that allows us to reconstruct in a single step the entire path taken by a batch of raw materials or semi-finished product.

The result is a “global” product tracking and traceability system, allowing us to identify the entire chain of the batch concerned for any incident, so we can quickly contact concerned companies both upstream and downstream.

Company certifications

Our food safety management system is FSSC 22.000 version 5.1 certified.

CerealVeneta produces semi-finished products with Kosher Certification / Kosher GF.

CerealVeneta guarantees the absence of GMOs from 100% of its production through the NON-GMO DTP-030 certification.

CerealVeneta works also in the organic food sector, by producing ingredients from organic raw material, in accompliance with his Organic Certification: ABCert No. IT BIO 013 VE-00877-B.

CerealVeneta to guarantee its customers in an absolute way even in the most delicate points, such as the geographical origin of Italy’s raw materials, has gone beyond adopting traceability on Blockchain, that allows to verify this and other important parameters of raw materials and therefore of its semi-finished products.

CerealVeneta produces gluten free products < 20 ppm in accordance with REG. UE 828/2014. Based on the customer’s request and the kind of project, we can also guarantee gluten free products < 10 ppm.

CerealVeneta has dedicated a lot of resources in his research and development activity, with particular regards to reducing the glycemic index of the flours, in order to offset the typical effect of gluten free products. For this reason, it has developed and registered its own brand for the production of low glycaemic index and load products.

CerealVeneta adopts its own food safety policy, in accompliance with the FSSC 22000 regulation.

CerealVeneta, in the direction of absolute quality in the professional life of each collaborator, internal and external, has established its own company code of ethics.

CerealVeneta produces semi-finished products obtained through the processing of cereals, seeds, grains and legumes