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How can I make a product with wholemeal flours and manage their conservation?

Products made with wholemeal ingredients make it possible to add specific claims to the label, a highly sought-after quality in today’s market.
What can even further qualify finished products of this type is the use of non-reconstituted wholemeal flours. Indeed, such products contain vitamins and minerals, found in the germ of seeds and grains, which is generally removed during the production of white flour and reconstituted wholemeal flour.

The germ and its micro-elements are an important component of the human diet, containing vegetable lipids and characterizing the finished product in terms of taste, texture and aroma.

However, the use of non-reconstituted wholemeal semi-finished products can be problematic in terms of the stability of the lipids, an issue that CerealVeneta resolves through thermal stabilization and controlling the milling temperature.

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