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I have to reach fiber claim in my final product, which are the most suitable raw materials?

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has long since issued directives to advertise the fibre content of food products, distinguishing between two claims: ‘a source of’ and ‘rich in’.
Fibre is the part of the grain or pulse that can’t be directly digested, and it has been shown that fibre, even if not a significant source of energy, is good for the human body as it regulates the intestinal tract and acts as a substrate for the intestinal flora, improving immune activity in this part of the intestine.

In order for the fibre concentration of a given product to be high enough to add a fibre claim to the label, semi-finished wholemeal products can be used, or bran obtained by processing the outermost parts of grains and especially pulses, portions rich in these components, can be added.
The temperature-based treatments and purification processes used by CerealVeneta make it possible to increase the fibre content, thereby allowing less of the semi-finished product to be used in the finished goods while maintaining the claim.

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