CerealVeneta offers semifinished ingredients for the food industry derived from pulse brans, in particular from pea bran.

Thanks to the heat-treatment, the enzymatic part is deactivated and the bacterial load is significantly reduced, improving the shelf life of the product.
The total dietary fiber content reaches the medium value of 80%. This characteristic makes these ingredients ideal in all those applications where it is required to make claims such as “source of fiber” or “high fiber”. Furthermore, organoleptic features of the final product can be improved.

CerealVeneta offers two different kinds of semifinished ingredients:

Heat-treated pea bran, sieved and calibrated. Its structure and consistency are ideal for obtaining “artisanal” and “rustic” products, in order to enhance their visual appearance;

Heat-treated pea bran fiber, milled below 600 mcr (90% <500 mcr). This version can be used inside mixes and blends in order to improve the total fiber content.