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In products where leavening is used, it is possible to integrate seeds and legumes both within the dough and as a topping.
In doughs that have multiple components, it is necessary to properly balance the ingredients that will characterize the product and their interaction during the proofing phase.
For toppings, on the other hand, it is very important for the products to be able to maintain their physical properties, especially while being baked or cooked.
In addition, the ingredients must contribute to the stability and the conservation of the finished product. Products such as oilseeds (flax, sunflower, etc.) that can become rancid if not treated correctly are increasingly used, often bringing unpleasant aromas and flavours to the final product.

CerealVeneta applies low-temperature treatments to such sensitive ingredients, inhibiting the phenomena connected to oxidation and lipase reactions (which are mainly responsible for enzymatic rancidity), resulting in entirely stable finished products.

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