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Flour and semi-finished products from all cereal crops (with and without gluten) can be used in baked goods where there is no rising or proofing phase. They can be mixed into the dough or used as a topping.

Whether it is made with or without gluten, by its very nature unleavened dough can lose its structure. For that reason, it is essential to evaluate ingredients that have good water-absorbing capacities, including during the baking/cooking phase.
The raw materials used as a topping should, on the other hand, contribute to the conservation and stability of the finished product. In fact, sensitive products such as oilseeds (flax, sunflower, etc.) are often used, but if they aren’t treated properly, they can become rancid, generating unpleasant aromas.

CerealVeneta offers low-temperature treatments for such products, inhibiting the phenomena connected to oxidation and lipase reactions (which are mainly responsible for enzymatic rancidity), thereby resulting in stable finished products.

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