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CerealVeneta Srl is a GFSI certified company, and therefore has a system of IT traceability subjected to continuous verification both of the mandatory and voluntary bodies, both by Italian and international customers.

But, to guarantee its customers in an absolute way even in the most delicate points, such as the geographical origin of Italy’s raw materials, CerealVeneta has gone beyond adopting Blockchain technology, that allows to verify this and other salient parameters of raw materials and therefore of its semi-finished products.

Blockchain is a big shared digital registry, accessible to everyone, unalterable and secure thanks to encryption.
With the project «Made in Block», developed by EZ Lab Blockchain Solutions, CerealVeneta will be able to offer the customer the possibility to verify and control the declared quality of its semi-finished products.


* Click or frame the QR-Code and enter the lot number ” 22/07 “. This is a demo batch. Some data can be recorded in Testnet.


CerealVeneta company rich in tradition and strong in innovation is among the first mills in Italy to promote a transparent and digital supply chain. In the direction of absolute quality some of the precise commitments, which we want to share with all our customers and suppliers are:

  • MADE IN ITALY: thanks to the many years of collaboration with each supplier that collaborates for the development of the Blockchain, the origin of the raw material is certified;
  • TRANSPARENCY: thanks to the digital register made available through the use of the Blockchain, the customer can view the information related to the production, transport, storage and delivery of the semi-finished product, with a “seal” digital preserving the authenticity of the data;
  • DIGITAL SUPPLY CHAIN: with the implementation of this innovative technology, the documentation concerning the supply chain is digitally accessible by the customer at all times, in particular, certificates of analysis, transport and process documents may be displayed;
  • SUPPORT: considering the implementation and the value of this new technology, the company provides internal figures to support the customer, as well as a collaboration with the specialized IT company for technical issues.


Thanks to Blockchain technology, CerealVeneta supports the value of quality and sustainability as fundamental levers to enhance the excellence of Made in Italy and support the evolution of the Italian agri-food chain.

The continuous research of the best suppliers of Italian raw materials and their validation also in the field of sustainability of the same partner companies, allows to obtain a constant and environmentally friendly quality control. In addition, CerealVeneta has selected the Blockchain network carefully considering the environmental impact of this, and selecting an “eco-friendly” alternative.


The speed of CerealVeneta’s consolidated traceability system is ensured by an internally designed management system module (ERP) that allows the entire journey made from a lot of raw or semi-finished material to be reconstructed in a single step.

The result is therefore a “global” system of product traceability and traceability, which allows to know, in case of any eventuality, the entire supply chain of the lot concerned, ensuring timely contact upstream and downstream of those companies concerned.

The implementation of the Blockchain network proposed by CerealVeneta allows, in addition to the speed of access to data, also their guarantee in terms of immutability and authenticity.


Our food safety management system is FSSC 22.000 version 5 certified.

CerealVeneta produces semi-finished products with Kosher Certification.

CerealVeneta guarantees the absence of GMOs from 100% of its production through the NON-GMO DTP-030 certification.

CerealVeneta works also in the organic food sector, by producing ingredients from organic raw material, in accompliance with his Organic Certification: ABCert No. IT BIO 013 VE-00877-B.

CerealVeneta produces gluten free products < 20 ppm in accordance with REG. UE 828/2014. Based on the customer’s request and the kind of project, we can also guarantee gluten free products <10ppm e <5ppm, as well as allergen free.

CerealVeneta has dedicated a lot of resources in his research and development activity, with particular regards to reducing the glycemic index of the flours, in order to offset the typical effect of gluten free products. For this reason, it has developed and registered its own brand for the production of low glycaemic index and load products.

CerealVeneta adopts its own food safety policy, in accompliance with the FSSC 22000 regulation.

CerealVeneta, in the direction of absolute quality in the professional life of each collaborator, internal and external, has established its own company code of ethics.

CerealVeneta produces semi-finished products obtained through the processing of cereals, seeds, grains and legumes