CerealVeneta, in the constant attention to the needs and specifications of its customers and to the new market trends, has developed for 2017 a new product line of products made from supermicronized pulses and minor seeds, organic and conventional gluten free.

These flours are obtained with an innovative technological process that leaves intact all functional and biological proprieties of the various raw materials treated. The products obtained are native/raw, so perfectly intact from a nutritional perspective. Flavour and aroma are neutral, colour is very light, almost white.

These flours mainly have two fields of application:

  • The first concerns the technological quality of these semi-finished products. Variable doses, from 2% to 20% have the function of emulsifiers, binders, thickeners and structures.
  • The second use of the product is as a single component or in mixes, for the production of creams, sauces, soups, creams, vegetarian and vegan food etc. These flours, in spite of being raw, have a cooking time comparable to a pre-cooked product, in few minutes the product is ready. The very important benefit is that these products have undergone just one heat treatment so they have low glycaemic index and load, while preserving all functional quality. With 25 grams of flour for 250 ml a portion for one person is ready. And therefore ideal also to stay fit. These flours can also be used in the production of high quality dry and fresh pasta, in a huge variety of different cooking recipes.