CerealVeneta was born in 1992 from an intuition of Mr. Livio Fior and Mrs. Vanna Daminato. Their dedication to work, together with the interest in healthy nutrition, led to the foundation of this company, which still represents an excellence in the national and international food industry.

The desire to explore, discover and innovate the whole flours industry and all further products of this sector has led CerealVeneta to establish itself on the market with high quality, healthy and functional products.

Now, in 2017, we can say that these were 25 years of continuous growth, technological gain, cultural betterment, and above all, personal growth. We are proud to be able to produce, from 40 raw materials, over 350 ingredients, all developed to meet the needs of each of our customers.

A thank you goes to our employees, who have supported with trust, tenacity and enthusiasm CerealVeneta through the years. We are thankful to all of our suppliers, ready to support us with our request. We are also grateful to our customers, for wanting us at their side to provide innovative and safe products. Their demands, their challenges (which have become ours) and their responses have pushed CerealVeneta to progress and to vigorously improve, leading Cerealveneta to be a Customer Oriented Company.

The 25th anniversary of our company is an important milestone in our journey. In order to celebrate this recurrence, CerealVeneta will obtain FSSC 22000 certification by the end of the year so to guarantee the quality of its services to its partners.

Furthermore, CerealVeneta will activate agro-industrial supply chains, territory based, starting from seeds variety throughout the whole chain, to produce special and certified ingredients destined to elite transformers in the food sector.

We are certain that your support and contribution will encourage our growth, to give nothing less than the best. We would like to take this opportunity to extend our kindest and most sincere best wishes.